Hello and welcome to my blog! I am an avid reader, library superuser, and a frugal and imperfect Mommy to two little humans. To protect their privacy, I’ll refer to my kiddos as Lumiere (7, lights up our life and has a flair for the dramatic) and Chip (5, goofy and always hopping, who appropriately has a chipped front tooth). My partner has begrudgingly agreed to go by the moniker Cogsworth to keep with the theming.

Lumiere and chip

This blog will feature LOADS of books for all different audiences as well as tips for raising readers and highlights from our #libraryadventures. Additionally, I’ll reflect on my continual growth as a loving Mommy and what I’m learning/practicing from parenting literature.

I’m always open to hearing your feedback on the site, book recommendations, and about your library adventures.

Love and literature,