Book Review: I’d Rather Be Reading

rather be reading

Review: I’d Rather Be Reading: a library of art for book lovers

By Guinevere de la Mare (with essays by Maura Kelly, Ann Patchett, and Gretchen Rubin)
Published by Chronicle Books, 2017

Reading format: physical book checked out from my local library

Disclosure: the book cover image at the bottom of this post is linked to through the Amazon Affiliates Program. Should you choose to buy this book using my link, it will not cost you even a penny more than if you found the listing on Amazon independently. However, Amazon will pay me a tiny referral incentive for purchases made with my links. By using their affiliate links, I am allowed to use their high-quality book images for free to improve the visual experience of the blog for my readers.

I strongly believe that you do not have to buy books to enjoy them and I ALWAYS recommend using your library card to access books for FREE. However, I recognize that books make great gifts.

Review: 4.5/5

Highly recommend this book to anyone who loves reading or following #bookstagram accounts on Instagram. It’s chock-full of gorgeous reading illustrations and photographs. The images are interspersed among quotes about reading and four short essays:

  • I’d Rather Be Reading: The Autobiography of A Bookworm by Guinevere de la Mare
    • The author shares her unique journey to becoming a reader and the people who nurtured her love of books.
    • My snapshot for Litsy from pg. 16 spoke to me as a book-loving Mommy who cherishes moments spent together reading!

      Photograph of a quote from Guinevere de la Mare's essay, pg 16 from I'd Rather Be Reading

      Photograph of a quote from Guinevere de la Mare’s essay, pg 16 (posted to LibraryLovingMommy’s Litsy page on 3/14/2019)

  • A Slow Books Manifesto by Maura Kelly (available from the Atlantic)
    • Reflecting on the slow food movement, Maura challenges us to be as discerning about what we put into our minds as we are about our bodies. She compares “fast entertainment” (like the instant-gratification and accessibility of screens/technology) with fast food. She challenges us to read 30 minutes a day, with an emphasis on literature to help develop empathy and self-awareness.
  • Cheating by Ann Patchett (available on Ann’s blog)
    • American author and co-founder of Parnassus Books in Nashville writes about her struggle to identify “just” 25 favorite books for a newspaper interview. Get your TBR notes out! She lists 25 books, plus a few – hence, cheating. I added Ann Patchett to my TBR list based on this essay.
  • 13 Tips for Getting More Reading Done by Gretchen Rubin (available on Gretchen’s blog)
    • One of my new year’s resolutions is to read more (I hit a bit of a slump in the latter half of 2018). I loved Gretchen’s seemingly simple tips, especially “don’t fight my inclinations” and “always have something to read.”
    • My favorite quote from this essay because it absolutely describes me is “I have to be careful to make time for reading, or, even though I love to read, I might neglect it.”
    • Which of her 13 tips did you find most helpful?

This book will resonate with readers. It could work great as a coffee table book if you are into that kind of book display. I finished it in one sitting.

Comment below with which essay and/or image was your favorite!


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