Review Policy

The opinions on this website are my own and my family’s. I review books I’m reading and books my children love. If I am sent a book for review (by a publisher or author), I will disclose that in the post. However, please trust that regardless of how I obtain a book, I will always provide my honest assessment. I recognize that not every book speaks to every reader. There is enough negativity in the world (and certainly on the internet). If I have nothing positive to share about an experience with a book, I will likely choose to not feature that book at all.

If you are interested in sending our family a book to read and potentially review, please reach out to me at LibraryLovingMommy@gmail.com. Thank you for understanding that due to my commitment to honesty and positivity, I cannot guarantee a published review on my site.

Affiliate Links Disclosure

Occasionally, the book images and/or titles on this site are linked to Amazon.com through the Amazon Affiliates Program. Should you choose to buy one of these books using my links, it will not cost you even a penny more than if you found the listing on Amazon independently. However, Amazon will pay me a tiny referral incentive for purchases made with my links. By using their affiliate links, I am allowed to use their high-quality book images for free to improve the visual experience of the blog for my readers. All opinions shared are my own and are not influenced by linking to Amazon.

While I ALWAYS recommend using your library card to access books for FREE, I know that books make great gifts, too!

Privacy Policy

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